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—— Introduction ——

Bailey bridge, Bailey steel bridge, truss bridge, temporary bridge, suppliers and manufacturers. Bailey bridge design, production and installation integrated service enterprise.

Shandong Luhang Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 1997 and now has a number of patented technologies. It is a company that specializes in R&D and production of new road and bridge construction products. "China Technology Supervision Information Association" member units. The company specializes in production, sales and leasing: "321" type bailey bridge, "200" type bailey steel bridge, "self-locking", "bowl buckle", "button" construction scaffolding; professional production and sales: ultrasonic Test tubes, bridge profiles steel templates, construction fasteners. Template series accessories and undertake the processing and installation of various types of bridge collision walls and drainage pipes, has formed a set of scientific research, production, sales, leasing, construction integrated service companies.

Since its development, the company now occupies an area of 45,000 square meters, more than 20 technical R&D personnel, more than 150 workshop production personnel, and an annual output of 10 million tons. So far, many new types of high-bending and shear-resistant beret bridges have been developed to meet different load requirements. All parts of the bailey Bridge are strictly in accordance with the "Technical Specifications for Highway Bridges and Culverts" issued by the Ministry of Communications of the People's Republic of China. (JTJ4120000) processing and production, and by the Chinese People's Liberation Army General Armament Department Engineering Research Institute II static load test and technical appraisal, the technical indicators have reached the design requirements. Therefore, the company's bailey Bridge has a good reputation in the market.